Customized computer trainingPeople often ask me how TutorTech got its start. Here’s how I came up with the idea to offer customized computer training in the Kansas City area:

My first experience with computers was in high school. I’ve since been witness to the wild progression from machines that covered an entire wall to high-powered devices that will fit in the palm of a hand.

Careers came and went for me through those years, but I always enjoyed dabbling with computers. Gradually I gained the confidence to experiment and figure things out on my own.

In working with some of the “older folks” in my life, I could see that a whole segment of the population is getting left behind. People no longer in the workplace often lack the skills needed to function effectively in today’s world. Thus, the idea for TutorTech was born.

The customized computer training I offer is tailored specifically to your needs, and we will move at the pace that works best for you. My clients often complain that other trainers  show them quickly how to complete a task, but don’t give them the chance to practice it until they] learner can fully comprehend it.

Some of my clients see me for a single session;  others have ongoing sessions that allow them to practice and experiment between classes.

My services are geared to the beginning or intermediate user. I am fluid on both PCs and Macs and have many years’ experience using Microsoft Office applications. I can help you learn to use your computer, tablet or phone; help you learn various software programs, and also help you get connected through social networking.

Ongoing training enables me to keep my skills up to date. I’m eager to get started guiding you to the more useful side of the digital divide.

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