Q: What is the format for your computer training? 

A: I most enjoy working one on one with people. That way we can focus on exactly what each person needs to know. For new users, my lessons are very basic and cover such things as how to turn the computer on and off. We go over basic terminology, including terms such as Browser, Cursor, Scroll Bar and Enter Key.

Q: Who are your typical customers?

A: My customers range from people who have never turned on a computer to those who want to update their skills or learn new ones.

Q: What skills do your customers most often want help with? 

A: I’ve helped students learn how to use and manage their e-mail accounts, use Google calendar, create and organize folders, make Excel spreadsheets, and create and format Word documents. I can show learners how to use shortcuts to save time and how to solve technical problems on their own.

Q: How do I get started?

A. Just call me, send an e-mail, or fill out the form under the “Contact” tab. Once I know some specifics about what you’re wanting to work on and have answered any questions you have, we can schedule a session and get to work!