Graphic showing platforms for connecting through social networking
Social Media Platforms / Pixabay

If your kids and grandkids no longer respond to voice mail or e-mail, why not join them in their preferred medium? By connecting through social networking you’ll not only expand your social connections, but you’ll be able to feel linked to today’s world.


With private instruction from TutorTech, you can set up an e-mail account and learn to easily send and receive e-mails. You can get comfortable adding attachments such as photos or documents to your e-mails, and you can learn how to save the files you receive to your device.

Social Networking

For those of us who grew up in the age of typewriters and snail mail, embracing this new technology might take some convincing. But once we start connecting through social networking, we’ll soon discover the pleasures of staying up-to-date with our family and friends in this novel way.

Each social network serves a distinct purpose. Facebook can be used for either business or personal contact, while LinkedIn is strictly for business communication. Google+ (Google Plus) has a unique structure for grouping contacts and is mostly used to re-post links from other websites.

As your computer tutor, I can help you set up accounts in any of these mediums, add contacts, create posts, and upload photos. You’ll soon be connecting through social networking just as everyone else is.


Skype offers a forum for video chatting with people in other locations. This is the next best thing to seeing people in person. Imagine chatting with loved ones and being able to not only hear their voices, but see them as well.

Google Applications

In addition to its e-mail system, Gmail, Google offers several other useful applications. One of the most popular is Google Calendar, which allows users to store all of their scheduled events as well as pertinent information on each contact.