Photo of a couple using their cell phone and laptop over a cup of coffee
Cell phone and tablet / Pixabay

Although you may know how to perform basic functions on your device, you might be missing out on many of its capabilities. Computer tutoring can help you get the most out of your devices and also enjoy the benefits of accessing all of your data through syncing data.

Windows and Mac Computers

While our computers can now serve as an entire office, they can become just as cluttered, disorganized and inefficient as physical offices do.

As your computer tutor, I can help you set up your electronic desktop so it works best for your needs. By creating and effectively using file folders, your computer operation can become much more streamlined.

Phones and Tablets

Even more portable than computers, cell phones and tablets have turned into magnificent devices that serve as walking offices. So that you can get the most from your phone and tablet, I can help you learn to use the following:




Clock, including alarm & stopwatch



Voice recorder

Protect Your Data and Devices

A critical factor in using electronic devices is protecting your data and devices. Learn to properly back up and store your data so you don’t suffer data loss, as so many have.