Six Reasons to Hire a Computer Tutor

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One reason to hire a computer tutor

“Why should I hire a computer tutor” people often ask. Most of us have plenty of other uses for our money and feel that since we’ve already spent a bundle on our devices, we shouldn’t need to add yet another cost.

You might be one of the many people who can function adequately on your computer: You can search the Internet, create a Word document, take photos, and send an e-mail. Maybe you even have a Facebook account and enjoy adding posts to your page and seeing what your friends and family members are up to.

But you might also have a desktop full of random icons, thousands of files that have no real value because you aren’t able to find them when you need them, and you might be using outmoded software programs.

While it’s true that more and more people are using electronic devices, it’s also true that the bar keeps moving higher. The growing volume and complexity of devices hampers a lot of folks from keeping their skills current. If this sounds like you, here’s why it would be a good idea to hire a computer tutor and upgrade your skills.

1) Save time by being more efficient

Here are some ways you can improve efficiency:

  • create an efficient file management system so you can quickly access the files you need
  • discover new programs and tools to streamline your operation
  • learn ways to improve your search techniques, use keyboard shortcuts, and do targeted searches

2) Learn to solve problems on your own

Did you know that with a little bit of knowledge you can resolve a lot of technical snags on your own? This can save time and frustration AND save you the expense of calling a high-priced technician. As your skills improve, you’ll find that you’re quickly able to resolve obstacles that used to make you pull your hair out.

3) Prevent problems

You can save all kinds of time by learning to properly maintain your devices. This includes installing updates regularly, using trustworthy software, and keeping your digital files to manageable levels.

4) Change your relationship with your computer

We’ve all seen the reverence with which younger users treat their devices. For them, the device is a personal assistant they wouldn’t think of being without. It is constantly at their side and they comfortably use it for a whole host of tasks.

If you see your computer as a foe, time and training can turn that foe into a friend. For me, learning to use a digital device is a lot like learning to play a musical instrument. Starting out, it’s frustrating when you’re not instantly able to knock out your favorite tune. But as you study and practice, you find the satisfaction of producing an actual tune and   eventually feel the exquisite joy of mastery.

5) Get full use of your device

Most of us now have cell phones. Have you considered that just this one tiny device replaces all the following physical items?

radio stereo/CD player newspaper
calculator dictionary library
camera encyclopedia typewriter
TV calendar credit card

When you consider that your device actually contains multiple tools, maybe it makes more sense to hire a computer tutor so you can take advantage of all of its capabilities.

6) And finally …

Feel the sense of achievement and belonging that comes from being connected in today’s digital world. Being computer literate can help you be an informed member of the community, thus helping you stay socially connected and a vital part of today’s ever-changing world.

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