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Excel Spreadsheet

Are you envious of people you see clicking and tapping on their devices and making things happen? Learn some new software skills and you, too, will be able to make your devices hum! TutorTech training can help you with the following types of software:


Discover the vast offerings of the Web. Use it to shop, connect with friends, take care of business, make travel plans, or do research.


Mapping Software

Find the best route to your destination, estimated travel distance and time. You can even find out where you are if you’re lost! Some of the most-used services are http://maps.google.com and http://mapquest.com.

Microsoft Word

Learn how to create, format and edit documents. Learn how to use shortcuts to improve your efficiency; become proficient in some of Word’s many extra features.

Microsoft Excel

Discover how to create and format spreadsheets, build charts and tables, perform calculations, and understand some of Excel’s many applications. Even a basic knowledge of the program will enable you to keep records such as financial data, contact lists, and tracking sheets.

Music and Photos

Use your device to take photos, upload, store and organize them. Understand the basics of finding, purchasing and downloading music.


Learn to create a professional looking Powerpoint slideshow. Become proficient in using graphics and animations.

Google Applications

In addition to its e-mail system, Gmail, Google offers several other useful applications. One of the most popular is Google Calendar, which allows users to store all of their scheduled events as well as pertinent information on each contact.